Lemur Club

A rad NFT with utility, metaverse intergation, and an awesome community

Arcade Soon


The Crazy Lemur Club mint begins in only 9 days. Interested in this blue chip art? Join the discord and find out more info or ask some of the community on how to prepare for mint.


The Club

Welcome to the Club, filled with devious antics and cool shit. The Lemurs here are 5,000 algorithmically generated 3D pieces of art with totally different and sick traits. You'll get access to exclusive IRL events, bonuses in games, and you'll even be able to make money just off owning one.

Big Lemur Parties 


Crazy Lemur Club will host a twitter giveaway with a value of $20,000 and deposit 25 Ethereum to the community CLC Treasury.

Treasury Funds will be used to initiate liquidity pools on platforms such as NFTX and NFT20 to have an accessible floor price.


25 more ethereum will be deposited to the CLC Treasury. Funds from minting will be used to upgrade the website and grant access to the Crazy Lemur Bar™, developed for all the Lemur Holders.

Generic brand and custom merchandise will also be made for each individual lemur.


Further minting funds will be used to establish metaverse presence. All lemur holders will gain access to the Crazy Lemur Bar and a mini video game featuring the 1:1 baby lemur. Game accomplishments will give you community perks.


At 100% a 1 of 1 Baby Lemur will be auctioned to raise funds that will be donated to an exotic protection charity. The holder of the lemur will get 10% of all royalties each month on Opensea. The club will match the bid price up to $50,000 for the baby's sale.

We aim to make a difference with the Crazy Lemur Club project for exotic animals that are going extinct or are potentially vulnerable and aim to use funds to support all kind of animals to help make a difference during tough times where funding isn't as present as it was in recent years.

An additional 50 Ethereum will be added to the treasury. All collected funds will power further marketing and development of exclusive products.

The Bar Staff


Elliot aka Cat


Just call him Dog

Design & Dev

GSD3D Club

True Utility

Bringing in top developers, the Club will introduce high-usage utility based around the collection.

  • Community DAO to vote and suggest new ideas
  • Custom interactive arcades games with bonuses for Lemur owners
  • Stake your Lemurs for real quantifiable and reedemable tokens

Crazy Lemur Club • 2021